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About us

Tactile Devices is dedicated to providing you with a great experience when you purchase your open source Jolla tablet, Mapbagrag cases, WISS headphones, bluetooth and other accessories. Superior customer service and premium products will keep you coming back to see what new items we have found.

Tactile Devices searches the world to bring you outstanding quality products.

Our approach to finding new products includes searching the globe and locating that truly unique product that not only feels good in your hands, it feels good in your wallet. Products you had not considered or you simply dreamed about but could not find is what we put into your hands. This has become the philosophy behind Tactile Devices.

Our goal is to bring you quality products that delight your tactile senses, you will feel the difference.


Our goal at Tactile Devices is to make customers not sales. Our desire is to treat you as an individual, by answering your questions, listening to your needs.


Most orders will ship within two days. You are excited about your purchase and we are excited to put it in your hands so we won't make you wait.


Some of our products can be custom designed with personalized artwork or pictures. Please email us what you are looking for and we will strive to make it work!


You can reach us at 269-389-9669 or [email protected] We will respond within 24 hours of your request for information.

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Why do you choose Tactile Devices

You will keep coming back to see what new and unique products we have found.

Calyx Audio PAT

Headphone amp that is small but packs a sonic punch - South Korea

WISS Headphones

Transparent and surprisingly dynamic sound


All life comes from relationships and for the hardest days of life, let's get through this together - Austria

Open Source

We believe in your privacy and respecting our users

Jolla Tablet

We are unlike, unique and independent - Finland

Sailfish OS

Operating system will be unlike anything you’ve tried before

Wiss Audio

Retail $58.99

The sound is transparent and surprisingly dynamic using 40mm dynamic full range drivers. Because of its low 16 ohm impedance it can be driven by the Jolla Tablet, a phone, computer or a high quality headphone amplifier.


Jolla Tablet

Retail $249.99